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After two months travelling through South East Asia and hearing about this magical place called Chiang Mai, I honestly couldn’t wait to get there! It is often called the “Digital Nomad Haven” of Thailand and happily caters to the needs of people, like me, working as they travel. (Think fast WiFi, gourmet cafés with plenty of plugs, and affordable cost of living). As much as the freedom to work anywhere in the world is one the best feelings, it also comes with slight homesickness and exhaustion of having to pack up and move every few days. That’s why, when I discovered The Chiang Mai, this luxury boutique hotel by the riverside, I immediately knew it would be the perfect place to relax for a 48-hour breather with my boyfriend/Official Instagram-Husband.

“Hospitality from the Heart”

This absolutely lovely slice of heaven proclaims this as their mission statement, and I wholeheartedly agree with how they convey that message. The Chiang Mai Riverside’s hotel is pristine down to every little detail. From the moment you step on the property, it feels like a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of Thailand. Yes, it has the usual amenities of a luxury hotel; swimming pool, gym, yoga mats, air conditioning, and free WiFi, but it felt like more than just a regular “place to stay”. I could go on and on, but I want to give you the top 3 reasons that I adored this luxury boutique hotel and what sets it apart.

⇢ 1. It’s pleasantly homey

As soon as we stepped into the Vorra-Teera suite, we were met with welcoming sights, sounds, and smells! I was so impressed by the fully-equipped kitchen including a refrigerator full of snacks – (they know what makes me happy!), a stove, a microwave, and a table for four. Next, the flat-screen television was equipped with an Apple TV playing the sweet melodies of Coldplay while our noses feasted on an orange and bergamot reed diffuser that simply embodies the essence of relaxation. And, the King BED! What a treat it was when my head hit that pillow – it felt just like home. I literally could have stayed in this room for days on end!

⇢ 2. Eating to my heart’s content at The Vorra Bistro

Not even 30 minutes into our room tour, we were greeted by a complimentary welcome cocktail by the wonderful team at The Vorra Bistro. A couple of passionfruit mojitos later, we were delighted by the serenading of a young duo giving a live performance. Not only was the meal a delight for our taste buds, but our ears were also enchanted by their sweet singing. The spring rolls and the fire-roasted veggie pizza were a true indulgence for us — we couldn’t have asked for better! Note, they did offer tons of traditional meals, but by this point, we’d had as many pad thais and curries that our bodies could handle!

⇢ 3. The exclusive VIP services

To top it off, the hotel even provides a personalized butler service. Yes, a full-on butler, like the ones you see in the movies! But, the best part is the in-room breakfast service at the time of our choosing. My sweet tooth got the best of me and ordered the waffles with mango slices that also comes with fresh fruits, croissants (another perfect reminder of home!), and coffee or tea. I was so snug under the covers that I couldn’t help but have my breakfast in bed. Which is exactly how to I love to start my day!

Added Bonus! They are nice enough to offer complimentary shuttle service every hour to the city (only about a 15-minute drive) as well as tours to visit around the beauty of Chiang Mai – if you manage to get out of the ohhh-sooo comfy bed!

It was all of these small details that made our stay at The Chiang Mai Riverside an unforgettable experience. Thanks to those two days of utmost luxury and comfort, we felt re-energized and ready to take on the rest of our travel planning!

I would like to further extend my gratitude to the management team of the hotel for their help in making our stay impeccable. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. Be sure to book your stay here for the most wonderful pampering and hospitable staff.

Hit the comments below and let me know where is the place you’ve felt most like home?

As always, thanks for reading lovelies, and happy travels!

by: Laura

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