Our Passion

We are from Chiang Mai. This is our passion project.

We have combined our decades-long expertise in interior furnishing and property development, and hospitality experience from our first award-winning hotel The Chiang Mai RIVERSIDE into the creation of The Chiang Mai OLD TOWN hotel, with the aim to work towards the elevation of Chiang Mai as a world-class tourism destination.

The Heritage House

The concept of The Chiang Mai Old Town hotel was based on the historic house built 60 years ago. The Heritage House was originally owned by Khun Suphat Jantarasup and his family who were among the first families in the modern era presiding in the old city. It has been transformed into the modern elegantly designed hotel while much of the original house was still preserved.

Experience Historic Chiang Mai

Drawing from its historic surroundings, The Chiang Mai Old Town is designed to honour, echo as well as interpret Chiang Mai’s rich seven-century legacy into a luxury modern hotel for our times.

The Chiang Mai Old Town opens up onto the quiet Rachamankha Road, facing a historic temple across the road. A ubiquitous function for any household of old, The old well remains untouched at the front of the hotel.

Next to the pool is a water-feature which cascades down miniature paddy fields, replicating the plentiful bounty that fed the people of Chiang Mai for seven centuries. This feature is fortified by a brick wall, echoing the wall which surrounds the city of Chiang Mai.

The Chiang Mai Old Town is a luxury boutique hotel inspired by the surrounding cultural richness and historic architecture of the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

As a modern addition to the seven-century cityscape, The Chiang Mai Old Town offers our guests an elegantly designed sanctuary of serenity with excellent amenities and facilities, and the best of the famed Thai service, from which to explore Chiang Mai city and its surrounding nature.