We offer complimentary Nespresso coffee capsules, premium tea and unlimited bottles of drinking water.


We use Omazz branded mattresses made from arguably the world’s finest Talatech Latex providing a perfect balance between comfort and support for a deep, sound sleep.


We use feather down pillows, that will perfectly support your head for a great night’s rest. Sleep in the best meditation.

Entertainment systems

We roll out the very best of digital equipment in the market using Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV and Apple Music.

Samsung TV

You can access the internet, play YouTube and idle away a few hours watching movies from our extensive library.

Apple TV

You can access online entertainment like YouTube, and many others that Apple offers. You can also access, display and work on your own photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Music

You can access the Apple library and enjoy the choice of literally millions of songs and radio stations.

Air-conditioning system

We reckon this has to be the best system in the world. You will feel “comfort” because the temperature in the room does not fluctuate, compared to general air conditioners where temperatures can be changeable.

Out And About

Please call out resident butlers to find out the best things to do around town. The best local restaurants, bars, shopping spots, coffee shops, temples, walks, bike rides – there’s just so much to discover.