Our Premises

Located on the serene Ping River and inspired by the ancient Lanna architecture, the 14-suite The Chiang Mai Riverside is a new multi-award-winning five-star hotel residence that creates lifetime memories in a pristine surrounding.

Our Vision

We are from Chiang Mai. This is our home. And, as they say, home is where the heart is. This is certainly true for us and it is the focus of everything we do. Hospitality from the heart if you like, this is our guiding light and driving force. We aim to provide the most extraordinary experiences for our guests, from the heart – in the way we speak and serve, in the way we open up the secrets of the destination, and in the way we showcase our Lanna heritage and culture in art and design. This is who we are and we hope you can come with us on a heart-felt journey at The Chiang Mai Riverside.

A Word From Your Host

Privacy and luxury are our watchwords at The Chiang Mai Riverside. This is what sets us apart and these remain our unwavering focus. We are, as you can see, a little different. Our room count is small, but our intimacy is unmatched. Our privileges and perks are considerable, but our priority is personalised service and the human touch.

Above all, we offer space. Space to spread your wings and relax into your escape, the better to savour the elegant, Lanna-inspired accents and creature comforts of our hotel residence.

Chiang Mai is a special place. It is a city honed by heritage and history, a destination full of colour and character. It is a place to discover in your own time and at your own speed. Our Local Knowledge and personal concierge service will help you do just that. We will connect you with the city, old and new, making sure you get the best of the galleries, arts and crafts the city is famed for (and the best deals if you plan on taking some treasures home). And we can help you plan educational, personally enriching and genuinely thrilling adventures in the beautiful mountains, hamlets and hill tribe villages that lie beyond the old city’s walls.

Your privacy is paramount. Our service culture is attentive without being intrusive, and you will find plenty of room to be yourself. Our low room density creates serenity and ensures privacy while imparting a sense of exclusivity. So we can attend to you and your needs. We’ll get to know you, and we hope you will get to know us.